Household Plastic Mice Trap Cage Black Environmental Friendly

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Place of Origin: CHINA
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Model Number: ST1
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Packaging Details: Gift box+ Master carton
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Supply Ability: 280 million per year
Applicable Area: Restaurants, Fast Food And Takeaway Food Services Sell Point: Environmental Friendly
Net Weight: >1KG Product: Mice Trap
Use: Insect Control, Lawn, Plants & Garden, Farm, Home & Perimeter Time Used: Sustainable
Material: ABS Color: Black
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Plastic Mice Trap Cage


Household Mice Trap Cage


Mouse Trap Cage

Household Environmental Friendly Plastic Mice Trap Cage Black





Mice in Calgary can cause a good deal of gnawing damage to food, clothing, walls, boxes, books and electrical wiring. These items can also become contaminated with their droppings and urine, and often have to be thrown away. Mice are also known to transmit a bacterium that causes food poisoning.

Mice can squeeze through cracks as small as a dime, so it’s crucial to weather-strip doors and windows in your house and patch any cracks in the foundation or exterior. You should also cover dryer vents, attic vents or soffits with fine mesh.

Mice are a destructive rodent and unfortunately, they’re common in Calgary. There are two different types of mice in the Calgary area:

The house mouse is found in urban areas. It is a small slender rodent with grey or light brown fur, a pointed snout and large ears.

The deer mouse may invade buildings near fields and woodlands at the onset of cold weather. It is brown or grey in colour, with white belly and feet. The underside of the tail is white, which is perhaps the easiest way to distinguish between a deer mouse and a house mouse.

Mice have a wide-ranging diet and will eat just about anything. They prefer cereal grains, seeds and foods high in fat, protein and sugar. Those that live in outbuildings can live on weeds, seeds and insects.




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The mouse trap is made of environmental friendly high quality ABS plastic with non-toxic odour. Our Mouse Traps can be used many times, when catching a mouse, just get rid of it, and wash the trap with soap water, then it can be used again! So you can achieve multiple catches all year round, cost-effective and save money!

EASY AND PORABLE TOSET UP : Just put the baits (cheese peanut butter is better)into the preformed bait cup, open the trap clamp and put the place it next to corner where mice often hang out.Then just wait the critters to be caught,Throw the killed mouse to the garbage Just wash it with soap water after each use, then you can reset it.

HEALTH AND SAFETY: No mouse poison, free of toxic and harmful chemicals, They perform better than wooden traps, electric mouse trap, glue sticky pads, mouse ultrasonic repeller. Safe for family and pets.Just watch out your fingers when setting it.

USE RANGE : Be Used indoors or outdoors,Kitchen,Garden,Garage,Warehouse,Bathroom,Living Room, Basement etc.Please note : This is not toy - So please keep away from children and pets.



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Mice are carriers of disease. Some diseases like the hantavirus are spread by contact with the urine and droppings, and breathing dust raised during the cleanup of droppings can cause serious illnesses.

Practice safe cleanup procedures with these tips:

Never sweep or vacuum dry droppings

Dampen droppings and debris with a bleach and water solution before wiping up

Wear rubber gloves and a mask during cleanup

Wash your hands and exposed clothing thoroughly after cleanup



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Make your home less appealing to mice by taking the following steps:

Remove cozy nesting sites in unused clutter around the house and garage

Cut tall grass and weeds back from the house

Make sure garbage is secured in containers with tightly fitting lids, raise woodpiles about 30cm and place them away from the house

Never place fatty or oily food waste, eggs or milk products in a backyard composter. Keeping your compost material as moist as a wrung out sponge will deter mice from building nests in a composter. You can also install a layer of heavy metal mesh between the soil and the bottom of the composter as an effective barrier to prevent mouse invasion

Cleanliness in the kitchen is essential; dry goods, including grain and dry pet foods, should be stored in metal or glass containers





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