Type C Wire UV Fan Mosquito Machine 3W LED Suck In Fly Killer ROHS

Basic Information
Place of Origin: GUANG DONG ,CHINA
Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: MS07
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Giftbox +Mastercarton
Delivery Time: 50-60 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 280 million per year
Material: ABS Light: LED
Usege: Home Camping Charger: USB
Weight: >1KG Key Word: Mosquito Killer Fan Suck In Zapper
Function: Killing Insect+lighting Season: All Season
High Light:

3w UV Fan Mosquito Machine


ROHS UV Fan Mosquito Machine


3w mosquito killer fan


Type C Wire UV Fan Mosquito Machine LED Fan Suck In Fly Killer





Naturally when a person sees flies around, it is certain for that person to perceive the area as unhygienic. Flies are transmitters of diseases because they feed on human and animal wastes, carcasses and garbage. Besides being a nuisance, some fly species bite and pose serious health risks. For instance, the house fly that are more commonly associated with human dwellings; transmit a wide range of diseases including Salmonella and E.coli.

Flies spread diseases because of their breeding and feeding habits. Bacteria from where the fly usually feed on would get stuck on their mouthparts and footpads eventually spreading onto places they land on. Imagine if it’s exposed food that you are about to eat.

Flies can be a nuisance when buzzing around the home particularly if in large numbers. However, some species of fly also pose a health risk.

In particular, house flies transmit a wide range of diseases including salmonella, dysentery, tuberculosis, cholera and parasitic worms.

In this country, mosquitoes are less likely to spread disease than in the tropics, but the irritation caused by the bites can still be distressing particularly for children.



UV Fan Mosquito Machine Product introduction


This is LED Light base Mosquito killer/ Insect Cleaner for your home with a Big Fan inside. In this machine mosquito attract towards a light and comes near the Mosquito killer, when they came nearby there is Fan inside which will sucks inside the Mosquito killer and they will killer by touching the grill which has sufficient power to kill mosquitoes and purely safe for your kids . If Customer follows simple instruction of its use, we assure you 100 % of the mosquito in your room will be killed and removed including Dengue & Chicken Gunia It doesn't use any chemicals, as if chemical kills mosquitoes it can also harm human beings also.

The insect killer is used to attract the flying insects by black light, such as flie, mosquitoes, and other flying insects, and then the built-in drawing fan can suck-in the insects and air drying them to death.

The insect killer series have thin and modern style, high eficiency and safety, with non-rust, cracked or fade surface.

The special designed UVA lamp(Ultra-violet ray)is completely harmless to human bodies and pets.

Outer mesh protects human from touching the fan.



UV Fan Mosquito Machine Competitive advantage


Modern design,suitable for home use

LED light to attract mosquito,energy saving

Double kill ,high Voltage to kill mosquito and suck in mosquito to dry them die

USB to Type C power supply comvenlent to use



UV Fan Mosquito Machine Principle of the product


This item is made ofABS materialfashion and durable.With modern design,this productcan be a decoration.It is equipped with a drawing fan,can suck the insects into the unit and kill them by air drying.
This product is highly effective in killing insects,fashionable and safe which can createa pest-free living space for consumers, avoiding the risk of Dengue fever and other kinds of diseases



UV Fan Mosquito Machine Specification


Model MS07 UV lamp T5 1X3W  Uv lamp LED 3W
Key Word  Fan operated bug trap Color White and Purple Coverage 20sqm



UV Fan Mosquito Machine Specification of Warning


Check the loca voltage before workhg. Do not iniend to touch the internal high woltage grids during teing because of electric shock danger. Never put metal objecis inside the grids while working.
The appliance is indoor use only. The apoliance is not suitable for use in barns. stables and similar locafons. The sppliance is not to be teed in locations where fammable vapors or explosive diet is likely to exist. Harg or mount the appliance on a place where children cant reach.(>2.0m)
Never remove any fxed part of the appliance to make any internal adjustment avoiding electric shock. lf the supply cord, the lamp, the starter or other part of apoliance is damaged, the manufacturer, its service agent or simllarly qualifed persons muet replaoe it in order to avold a hazard.
Unplug the appliarce before cleaning. Use suitable brush to clean the high vdtage metal grid and throw away the bodies of irsects on the colecion tray everyweek. Be sure to cut off electricity when cleaning and re pairing the machine. No to uching the high-vo tage grid by fngers or metal No washing by water; no plading in the rain.
No use in infammable and/or explosive b cales and alike. No suitable use in garages, stables and alike.
Repair should be carried out by the manufacurer or qualifed electriclans.
Make sure that your bcal vol age and frequency should be suitable for the machhe. Ensure earthing connection to prevent da mage or danger. High voltate! Away fiom children!
The insect killer is to be kept out of reach of children Raled Voltane:220-240V- Rated Frequency:50/60Hz



UV Fan Mosquito Machine Pictures of product details


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