Durable Electric Fly Outdoor Bug Zapper 800-1000V SAA for Mosquito Moths

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: JS30-15WA
Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Gift box+Carton box
Delivery Time: 50-60 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 280 million pieces per year
Pest Control Type: Mosquito Fly Moth Applicable Area: Coffee Shop Station Cinema Home
Power Source: House Hold Supply Design: Round Tower Shape
Net Weight: 0.7 Kg Function: Mosquito Kiling+light
Use: Insect Control Specification: 12 Pcs
High Light:

SAA Outdoor Bug Zapper


1000V Outdoor Bug Zapper


1000V electric fly bug zapper

 Durable Artistic Outdoor Bug Zapper Mosquito Fly Moths Bug Zapper
Outdoor Bug Zapper Introduction of product 
The product is made of strong plastic material, durable and artistic. Equipped with highly effective 13W UV lamp, more effective attracting in insects. With 360 degree high tension grid with high voltage of 800-1000V, it has a better performance in killing insects. It is very suitable for outdoor and indoor use with IPX4 waterproof. 
Taking advantage of insects’ phototaxis, the insect killer remit UVA rays with wavelength of around 365nm to 400nm-which is proved to be the most effective to attract insects, to attract insects fly into the item. And then the insects are electrocuted by the high tension on the high tension grid.
The product is highly effective in killing insects, fashionable and safe, which can create a pest-free living space for consumers, avoiding the risk of Dengue fever and other kinds of diseases. 
What to Consider When Choosing the Best Bug Zapper
Bug zappers have been around longer than you probably think. An early prototype featured an electric light and a chunk of bait encased within an electrified cage. Insects, attracted by the light and bait, were electrocuted when they touched the cage.
Many of the best bug zappers today work on the same simple concept. They feature an ultraviolet (UV) light that insects can’t resist. When the bugs try to get to the light, they pass through an electrified wire grid that kills them on contact. Dead bugs then drop into a removable collection tray, which can be emptied as often as needed (usually every 2 to 7 days, depending on the prevalence of pests).
Keep the following factors in mind when selecting the best bug zapper for your indoor or outdoor space.
Outdoor Bug Zapper Design principle
The insect killer is used to attract the flying insects by black light,such as flies,moths mosquitoes,and other flying insects,and then the electrically charged,high voltage metal gnids will electrocute the insects
The insect killer series have thin and modern style,high efficiency and safety,with non-clogging killing grid non-rust, cracked or fade surface
The special designed black light tube (ultra-violet rays) is completely harmless to human bodies and pets
Outer mesh protects human from touching the grids
No chemicals involved in it, no fumes, no smell, no sprays,no mess,and pollution free. The insect killer series is ideal for indoor use,such as houses,factories,food shops butcher' storage, hospitals,etc WARNINGS
Check the local voltage before working. Do not intend to touch the internal high voltage grids during using because of electric shock danger. Never put metal objects inside the grids while working

Outdoor Bug Zapper Competitive advantage
-Highly effective BLB lamp,more effective in attrating insects
->360 degree high tension grid ,better performance
-IPX4 water proof for out door and indoor use
->2500V high tension ,super powerful
-Artistic design with hidden tray ,more convenient to collect insect bodies
Outdoor Bug Zapper Applications
This product could be suitable for different places, Indoor and outdoor use.
such as hotels, restaurants, garden,home, coffee shops, schools, bussiness areas, etc.
Outdoor Bug Zapper Specifications

Name Outdoor zapper
Color Black
Material ABS
Watt 15 Watt
Coverage 40
20Gp 3312
Working life 5000-8000 hours
Function Electric shock by high tension grid

Outdoor Bug Zapper Product details
Can use a holder to hang the product ,more convenient for outdoor use,place like garden ,park,side walk etc.
Durable Electric Fly Outdoor Bug Zapper 800-1000V SAA for Mosquito Moths 0
Can choose solar board vension ,more energy saving for outdoor use.

Durable Electric Fly Outdoor Bug Zapper 800-1000V SAA for Mosquito Moths 1
Durable Electric Fly Outdoor Bug Zapper 800-1000V SAA for Mosquito Moths 2

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