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Durable with special appearance
360 degrees translucent annular outer net
Using ABS material makes the pest killer more sturdy with special appearance
Easy to charge, the tubes can be replaced with LED tubes
with special design
which can make you feel different.
Build-in draw fan for options,
which can sucks the inserts
into the unit and kill them.
Stainless steel
more sturdy and durable
Optional iron spray paint and stainless steel
The switch can enhance the overall beauty of the item.
Innovative design with
light-controlled fuction
Installed with SUPER UVA tube which uses Philips technology
30% more efficient in attracting inserts
Elegant zapper for flies and big inserts
This item is ultra slim which saves space and sea fright.
Super energy grating glue trap
Open top cover and translucent outer guard allows larger coverage area of the UV light.
Simple wall-mounted
design with
elegance appearance
Wall-mounted design making you feel renew and different
Sturdy and durable with metal and ABS material
Round tower energy saving zapper
With 360 degree annular outer guard design,
it improves the effect of attracting insects.
With split type design,
easy to carry.
Plug in design with attractive appearance,
making it fashion and safe.
Easy to carry, a good companion for traveling
Save place and durable
with unique appearance
3 pcs 0.5W LED with highly effective
in attracting inserts
Energy saving outdoor zapper
With IPX4 waterproof for outer and indoor use,
with 2500V 360 degree vertical high tension grid.
IPX4 Water proof
Equipped with energy-saving lamp,
it saves more energy.
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